Al Christianer2008 Arizona Mule Deer Al Christianer2008 Arizona Mule Deer •Al Christianer shot these two deer with a 45# Bear recurve with one arrow at the same time. Thus the "Twig Pass Thru" was born... It hit the doe and "passed thru" her and into the deer standing next to her, accidently killing the second deer. Andy KarasMy first selfbow deer. twig cedar shaft. Coshocton Hickory bow. October 2011. Andy Love2006 Deer. Ben GeckleBen Geckle took this Ohio Fall turkey with a recurve in 2009. Caleb Love2007 Deer. Don RobinsonBig Bad Bear. John Christianer•2008, 10-Point Ohio Whitetail •48# Moose Eye Longbow •Twig Pass Thru Ramin wood arrow •190 gr. Ribtek broadhead •20 yard shot, ground shot John ChristianerJohn Christianer took this Ohio whitetail doe in the 2009 season with a 45# Trad Tech Pinnacle II Longbow and a Twig tapered poplar arrow with a 160 Stos broadhead at 18 yards on the ground. Levi Arnold Matt ChristianerMatt took his 1st buck the following year at 10 years old with a Twig tapered cedar arrow and a bear broadhead from the ground. Matt ChristianerMatt Christianer 9 years old took his first deer with a Twig tapered cedar arrow with a Bear broadhead. Randy CorderRandy Corder using a Moose Eye Longbow. Randy CorderRandy Corder January 2011 deer using a Moose Eye Longbow Scott RobertsonScott Robertson, Carrolls Recurve, 5/16 Pass Thru, ribtek broadhead, 15 yd shot, went only 25 yards. Steve PateNovember 2009 Deer, Far West Longbow, 850 gr. Twig Poplar, 190 grizzly broadhead, 23 yd shot. Wyatt ShawWyatt Shaw's first kill with a 35# Sage recurve bow.
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